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[texts]Free to be Human: An Interview with David Edwards - 'More Thought': moretht.blogspot.com
This is an interview with David Edwards about his book 'Free to be Human: Intellectual Self-Defence in an Age of Illusions' (Green Books Ltd, 1995). The book demonstrates how powerful state and business interests distort our understanding of many political, ethical and spiritual issues, ensuring that we remain passive, conformist and uninformed. Activist and historian Howard Zinn ('A People's History of the United States') described it as a âwise and acute analysis of the way our minds are cont...
Keywords: Freedom; Media Lens; Noam Chomsky; Howard Zinn; Capitalism; Propaganda Model of Media Control; Buddhism; More Thought
Downloads: 275
[texts]Dreams - An Interview with Derrick Jensen (Transcript) - 'More Thought': www.moretht.blogspot.com
This is a transcript of a 'More Thought' (moretht.blogspot.com) interview with philosopher, teacher, and radical activist Derrick Jensen about his book âDreamsâ. The interview was conducted by Richard Capes and recorded on 13th December 2011. To listen to the interview, visit: www.moretht.blogspot.com âIâve been saying for a long time that science is an even better method of social control than religion because if I donât believe in Christianity, then Iâm just going to be consigned to a he...
Keywords: dreams; religion; science; god; Richard Dawkins; Sam Harris; Christianity; Green Anarchy; Anarchoprimitivism; Indigenous cultures; Noam Chomsky; Bill McKibben; zombies; environment; anti-civilization; green energy; activism; thought control; end game; Derrick Jensen; Richard Capes; More Thought
Downloads: 214
[texts]Non-Stop Inertia - An Interview with Ivor Southwood - 'More Thought': www.moretht.blogspot.com
This is a 'More Thought'(www.moretht.blogspot.com) interview with Ivor Southwood about his book 'Non-Stop Inertia'. The interview was conducted by Richard Capes and took place on the 7th December 2011. The book argues that the appearance of restless activity in our society conceals and maintains a deep paralysis of thought and action. Ivor Southwood has worked as a mental health nurse and studied literature and media...
Keywords: Ivor Southwood; Zero Books; Mark Fisher; precarity; short-term work; non-places; emotional labour; Facebook; social networking; Bertrand Russell; unemployment; jobseeking; non-stop inertia; more thought; Marcuse; one-dimensional man; one-dimensional society; post-fordism; capitalist realism; work programme; freedom; jobcentres
Downloads: 237
[texts]CodeBreakers Magazine: Vol. 1 Issue 2: "Everything is Byte" - +Mala

Keywords: archiveteam; CodeBreakers
Downloads: 2
[texts]music-20140420.db.xz - /music/
Content as of 20140420
Keywords: /music/ experimental electronic acoustic good make music fuck tumblr
Downloads: 11
[texts]Schedule for 1992 Montreat Youth Conference Weeks 1 & 2 - 1992 Montreat Youth Conference Planning Team
This is the flyer that was given to attendees of either of the first two weeks of the Montreat Youth Conference in the Summer of 1992. Montreat Conference Center is a conference center sponsored by the Presbyterian Church (USA).
Keywords: Montreat; Presbyterian; Youth
Downloads: 111
[texts]1 MEFM - 1MEFM
Keywords: 1MEFM
Downloads: 27
In this manuscript, efficient group plan based on total numbers of failures is designed when the lifetime of the product follows the generalized exponential distribution. Group plan are applicable when the multiple items can be installed in a single testes. The optimal plan parameters such as number of groups and acceptance number are determined by satisfying both the consumerâs risk and producerâs risk at a specified percentiles ratio, termination time and the number of testers...
Keywords: Group acceptance sampling plan; Generalized exponential distribution; consumer’s risk; producer’s risk; Truncated life test
Downloads: 150
[texts]Documents purporting to justify my detention of 24 hours - 222 main street Courts
This is the hokey document with which they wish to justify an illegal incarceration for 24 hours. I was forced to sign or be held over for a week at north Frasr. They made painfully hobble up 4 flights of stairs. Tis is not an official charge document with the seals of the court or any such thing. I was beaten by 3 jailers the evening before and could barely walk. This is the color of law in Canada
Keywords: vacouver jail; vpd harrassment; Freeman arrested; pot sales vancouver
Downloads: 59
[texts]7730b English Og - 3M
3M MP7630B/MP7730B Personal Projector Operator’s Guide
Keywords: projector; manual; 3m
Downloads: 28
[texts]3M_Library_System_Model_500_Reader_Printer_ - 3M Company
Installation and Set-Up Instructions for the #M Library System Model 500 Reader Printer. Published by #M Company, Microfilm Products Division, 3M Center, St. Paul, Minnesota 55101. January 1977, Form Number 34-7007-0800-0.
Keywords: 3M; Library; Reader; microfilm; printer; electronic; equipment; St. Paul; Minnesota34-7007-0800-0; 1977; 78-6969-2826-2; 78-8013-9080-4; 34-7007-0728-3
Downloads: 701
[texts]The Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage - Abraham ben Simeon, of Worms, 15th cent
This Adobe Acrobat edition contains the complete and unaltered text of the corresponding sections in the second (1900) edition published by John M. Watkins, London.
Keywords: Magic; Occult
Downloads: 1,637
[texts]DESCANSO Design & Performance Summary Series - Article 7 Deep Space 1 Navigation: Extended Missions - Brian Kennedy

Keywords: NASA; JPL; spacecraft; ips; trajectory; thrust; tracking; navigation; encounter; star; borrelly; software; deep space; tracking software; thrust profile; borrelly encounter; ips thrust; stray light; flight team; trajectory profile; jet propulsion; extended mission; comet borrelly; reference star; rcs activity; range data; optical navigation; nucleus tracking; ion propulsion; thrust stars; spacecraft attitude; solar conjunction; search software; propulsion system; performance summary; micas camera; doppler residuals
Downloads: 1
[texts]DESCANSO Design & Performance Summary Series - Article 8 Deep Space 1 Navigation: Primary Mission - Brian Kennedy

Keywords: NASA; JPL; autonav; spacecraft; ips; navigation; thrust; data; tcm; nav; onboard; encounter; optical navigation; orbit determination; mission burn; ips thrust; radio navigation; navigation technology; image processing; data arc; ips thrusting; deep space; attitude control; maneuver planning; ion propulsion; scattered light; propulsion system; navigation description; control system; spacecraft position; nav main; maneuver file; flight software; autonav system; tracking data; thrust vector; thrust levels
Downloads: 5
[texts]DESCANSO Deep Space Network 50th Anniversary Celebration Symposium - Doug Mudgway
DSN 50th Anniversary Symposium Program The First 50 Years: A Historical Perspective Introduction to the DSN and its Operations The Madrid Deep Space Communications Complex The View from Down Under The Goldstone Deep Space Communications Complex The DSN: The Most Important Science Tool of the last 50 Years? How DSN Technology Changed the World DSN's Future: Panel Interactive Discussions with the Audience http://descanso.jpl.nasa.gov/dsn50th/dsn50th.cfm
Keywords: NASA; JPL; network; dsn; directorate; interplanetary; space; mars; jet propulsion laboratory; california institute of technology; network directorate; deep space; interplanetary network; export controlled; technical data; space network; solar system
Downloads: 4
[texts]Radio Wave Propagation In The Presence Of A Tropospheric Duct - Dresp, M. R.
"A full-wave solution has been obtained for radio wave propagation in the presence of an elevated tropospheric layer. This analysis was performed as part of the CNI (Communication, Navigation, Identification) experimental program. The tropospheric layer is modeled as a trilinear refractive index profile with a sufficient lapse rate so as to result in an elevated duct. The analytical solutions give the received signal level for air-to-air propagation paths at UHF, the corresponding signal fading ...
Keywords: Radio Propagation; Ionospheric radio wave propagation; Tropospheric Ducting; Radio Wave Propagation; Tropospheric radio wave propagation
Downloads: 13
[texts]Legends of the Bastille - Funck-Brentano, Frantz, 1862-1947

Keywords: Latude, Henri Masers de, 1725-1805; Mattioli, Ercole Antonio, 1640-1703; Bastille
Downloads: 187
[texts]Amazing Stories Volume 01 Number 04 - Gernsback, Hugo, 1884-1967
Amazing Stories Volume 01 Number 04 (July 1926). Scanned copy of a pulp magazine; missing back cover & contents page. Published by Experimenter Publishing Co. and edited by Hugo Gernsback. Periodical copyright not renewed. Individual contributions' copyrights not renewed. This magazine and its contents are now in the public domain. Featuring: Station X (G. McLeod Winsor; 1/3), The Man Who Could Work Miracles (H...
Keywords: pulp; pulps; pulp magazine; science fiction; amazing stories
Downloads: 1,037
[texts]Amazing Stories Volume 01 Number 09 - Gernsback, Hugo, 1884-1967
Amazing Stories Volume 01 Number 09 (December 1926). Scanned copy of a pulp magazine published by Experimenter Publishing Co. and edited by Hugo Gernsback. Periodical copyright not renewed. Individual contributions' copyrights not renewed. This magazine and its contents are now in the public domain. Featuring: The First Men in the Moon (H. G. Wells; 1/3), The Man Higher Up (Edwin Balmer & William MacHarg), The Time Eliminator (by Kaw), Through the Crater's Rim (A...
Keywords: pulp; pulps; pulp magazine; science fiction; amazing stories
Downloads: 1,227
[texts]Amazing Stories Volume 02 Number 03 - Gernsback, Hugo, 1884-1967
Amazing Stories, volume 2, number 3 (June 1927). Scanned copy of a pulp magazine published by Experimenter Publishing Co. and edited by Hugo Gernsback. Periodical copyright not renewed. Individual contributions' copyrights not renewed. This magazine and its contents are now in the public domain. Featuring: The Visitation (Cyril G. Wates), The Electronic Wall (Geo. R. Fox), The Fate of the Poseidonia (Clare Winger Harris), The Story of the Late Mr...
Keywords: pulp; pulps; pulp magazine; science fiction; amazing stories
Downloads: 582
[texts]Amazing Stories Volume 01 Number 03 - Gernsback, Hugo, 1884-1967
Amazing Stories, volume 1, number 3 (June 1926). Scanned copy of a pulp magazine; missing back cover. Published by Experimenter Publishing Co. and edited by Hugo Gernsback. Periodical copyright not renewed. Individual contributions' copyrights not renewed. This magazine and its contents are now in the public domain. Featuring: A Trip to the Center of the Earth (Jules Verne; 2/3), The Coming of the Ice (G...
Keywords: pulp; pulps; pulp magazine; science fiction; amazing stories
Downloads: 1,118
[texts]Report on the scientific results of the voyage of H. M. S. Challenger during the the years 1873-76 under the command of Captain George S. Nares... and the late Captain Frank Tourle Thomson, R. N - Great Britain. Challenger Office
Title varies slightly: Zoology v. 1-3 ... under the command of Capain George S. Nares ... and Captain Frank Tourle Thomson, R.N. Prepared under the superintendence of Sir Wyvill Thomson.--Title of summary: Report ... during the years 1872-76
Keywords: Challenger Expedition, 1872-1876; Ocean; Marine animals
Downloads: 1,023
[texts]View of the State of Europe During the Middle Ages (vol. 2) - Hallam, Henry, 1777-1859
European History
Keywords: Middle Ages -- History; Europe -- History 476-1492
Downloads: 863
[texts]View of the state of Europe during the middle ages - Hallam, Henry, 1777-1859
Volume 1
Keywords: Middle Ages -- History; Europe -- History 476-1492
Downloads: 1,216
[texts]DESCANSO Design & Performance Summary Series - Article 2 Deep Space 1 Telecommunications - Jim Taylor

Keywords: NASA; JPL; telecom; downlink; spacecraft; telemetry; data; uplink; dsn; deep space; telecom system; link performance; telecom link; accessed august; system description; telecom analyst; lessons learned
Downloads: 2
[texts]uh - m
Keywords: chanel
Downloads: 4
[texts]m - m

Downloads: 50
[texts]Islamic Jihad: A Legacy of Forced Conversion, Imperialism and Slavery - M A Khan
The author kindly made this book free http://www.islam-watch.org/authors/65-khan/1271-islamic-jihad-online.html Violent Jihad is the heart of Islam; without it, Islam would, most likely, have died a natural death in the seventh century itself. --M. A. Khan (p. 79, Islamic Jihad). M. A. Khanthe able editor of the increasingly popular islam-watch.org Website, which disseminates the factual understanding of Islam and its ongoing malaisehas also proved his ability as a scholarly author in his maiden...
Keywords: islam; judaism; christianity; jihad; catholicism
Downloads: 1,749
[texts]The Free - M Gilliland
Hi there, The Free is a book and a blog. It’s an easy-read fun romantic thriller, in a social and economic revolution, amid climate chaos and capitalist collapse…free downloads, epub, kindle here thefreeonline.wordpress.comAdventure/Thriller.. Maxie rebels and runs away, with the anarcha feminists, squatters and gays.. Capitalism is going bottoms up. The climate is revolting.. our heroes live through the social and permaculture revolution, and the dawn of a money-free world… Its also avai...
Keywords: adventure; runaways; anarcha-feminist; de-schooling; anti fascist; anarchist revolution; money-free; anti patriarchy; pacifism; squatting; occupy; climate change; permaculture; collapse capitalism
Downloads: 11
[texts]Six Thousand Years Of History Of Irrigation In Sindh - M H Panhwar
Precise and concise history of Sindh
Keywords: M H Panhwar; Umer Soomro; Sani Panhwar, History of Sindh, Sindh, South Asia, Pakistan, Irrigation; Umer Soomro; Sindh; History of Sindh; Irrigation; South Asia; Pakistan
Downloads: 16
[texts]Planning-Nuggets-Vol.1-Nos.1-275 - m kamalakannan
Planning Nuggets, Vol.1, Nos.1-275
Keywords: Nuggets of information; compilation; general knowledge
Downloads: 14
[texts]south indian inscriptions volume vi - m kamalakannan
south indian inscriptions volume vi
Keywords: south indian; inscriptions; volume vi
Downloads: 113
[texts]South Indian Inscriptions Volume XXIV - m kamalakannan
South Indian Inscriptions Volume XXIV Srirangam Govt of India 640pp 1980
Keywords: Tamil; South Indian; Inscriptions; Volume XXIV; Srirangam; 640pp
Downloads: 138
[texts]south indian inscriptions vol.17 - m kamalakannan
south indian inscriptions vol.xxvii published 1964, pp.126-127, index ii-iii missing.
Keywords: south indian inscriptions; vol.xxvii; published 1964
Downloads: 72
[texts]south-indian-inscriptions-volume-xix-parantaka - m kamalakannan
Keywords: south-indian; inscriptions; volume; xix; parakesarivarman; parantaka chola
Downloads: 22
[texts]Nalvazhi - m kamalakannan
Tamil Auvaiyar Nalvazhi
Keywords: Tamil; neethi noolgal; auvaiyar; nalvazhi; nalvali; avvaiyar
Downloads: 94
[texts]Koil-Olugu-English-1954 - m kamalakannan
Keywords: Koil; Koyil; Kovil; Olugu; Oluku; Ozhugu; Srirangam
Downloads: 94
[texts]downloadebookgratis silahkan - M Luqman Firmansyah
downloadebookgratis silahkan
Keywords: download; ebook; gratis; silahkan
Downloads: 353
[texts]Workplace Lawyers Perth - M Mark
Whether you have a commercial law matter or the criminal offense, Cheaplegal law practices always ready to help you with our legal expertise law solution.
Keywords: Commercial lawyers Perth; Family law Perth; Workers comp Perth
Downloads: 8
[texts]Water Supply Engineering - M N Chinoy
Chinoy MN (1950) Water Supply Engineering :Theory And Practice. Tata hydro-electric power supply.
Keywords: India; water supply
Downloads: 196
[texts]An Automated Traffic Accident Detection and Alarm Device - M Rajendra Prasad, P Aswani Kumar
The purpose of this work is to find the vehicle where it is and also you can stop that vehicle means after sending a message block you vehicle to your system which is placed inside of vehicle will get hold down there itself, until and unless authorized one comes and giving security code to that system and also most of the times we may not able to find accidents because we donât know where accident will happen, in order to give treatment for injured people first we need to know that where that h...
Keywords: GPS (Global Positioning System); GSM (Global Service for Mobile Applications); SMS (Short Message Service); Microcontroller
Downloads: 410
[texts]An address to the members of both houses of Parliament on the West India question - M'Donnell, Alexander, 1798-1835
Oates Collection (Slavery)
Keywords: Slavery
Downloads: 55
[texts]m-mali - m-mali

Downloads: 170
[texts]m-mali1 - m-mali1

Downloads: 64
[texts]m-mali2 - m-mali2

Downloads: 64
[texts]m-mali3 - m-mali3

Downloads: 56
[texts]Papers from the Second American Congress on General Semantics - M. (Marjorie Mercer) Kendig, editor
Subtitled "Non-Aristotelian Methodology (Applied) for Sanity in Our Time", this long out-of-print volume published in 1943 ((10 years after the publication of Science and Sanity) contains important papers presented at the 1941 Congress at the University of Denver. It remains a significant document for serious general-semantics students interested in discovering some of the early applications and research based on Korzybski's work...
Keywords: Alfred Korzybski; M. Kendig; General Semantics; Non-Aristotelian; Methodology; Epistemology; Medicine; Psychiatry; Mental Hygiene; Psychotherapy; Stuttering; Rhetoric; Critical Thinking; Creativity; Literary Scholarship; Reading Instruction; Time-Binding; Science and Sanity; Manhood of Humanity
Downloads: 499
[texts]A minor matter - m. ___
The state of the world, humanity, anno 2013.  A peek in the limiting factors of human potential to assert a true perception of reality.
Keywords: A minor matter. - non-fiction - philosophy - futurism
Downloads: 4
[texts]Temperature Dependence of the Refractive Index Depth Profile and of the Mode Field of Integrated-optical Polymeric Waveguides Fabricated by UV Excimer Laser - M. A. Shams El-Din, H. H. Wahba, C. Wochnowski, F. Vollertsen
In this paper, a temperature controlled UV-laser lithographic method for the fabrication of integrated-optical polymeric waveguides is presented. The fabricated integrated-optical polymeric waveguides are examined at different processing temperatures. The influence of the temperature on the refractive index depth distribution and thus on the mode field distribution, the number of modes and the effective refractive index of each mode, respectively, is investigated...
Keywords: Polymer Integrated Optics; UV-excimer Laser Lithography; Mach-Zehnder-interferometry; Refractive Index Depth Distribution
Downloads: 11
[texts]5. Eng Function Based Optimized Mohamed Afifi - M. Afifi, A. M. Abdin, W. Helmy & S. El Debeiky
Protection engineers face difficulties to choose the suitable protection scheme in the practical life. They can find, in some cases, the need to choose inordinate protection schemes. In this paper, by using MATLAB SIMULINK some of the most common protection functions are simulated. The model introduced in this paper has subjected to different types of faults and the results are monitored to ensure the reliability of the model...
Keywords: Multifunction Relays; MATLAB SIMULINK; Micro Processor Based Relay; Protection; Differential Protection; Voltage; Restrained over Current Protection; over Frequency Protection; Under Frequency Protection
Downloads: 7
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